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Motivated to enrich economic welfare of the country, Borochemie, the major supplier of Turkish originated natural borates and refined Boron Chemicals in Far and South East Asia as well as Gulf countries continue business activities throughout its subsidiaries and associate companies.

As the contracted sales agent of Eti Mine Works since 1995 the mission of Borochemie International is to promote the Turkey originated boron products in agency and non-agency areas and increase the market share to the maximum possible extent.

The primary goal of the Company is to achieve excellence in all aspects of its activities and to develop the Company’s resources and assets in a social and environmentally responsible way for the maximum benefit of its shareholders, employees, customers and the community in which it operates. It is the Company’s definite belief that efficient and profitable operations extend hand-in-hand with high-quality products and comprehensive and effective safety, health and environmental protection programmes.


Borochemie aims to become a leading supplier and an exclusive agent in Asia in Boron Minerals and Chemicals industry with its unique culture of the core values; focusing on excellence, innovation, operating with integrity, providing excellent customer satisfaction, taking responsibility for quality, valuing employees and considering its suppliers as team members.