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As being the dedicated sales agent of Eti Mine Works, Borochemie carries out market specific application development studies based on Colemanite and Refine Boron products. In that scope, Borochemie has been supporting several research projects at several universities and research institutes at the countries within its Agency area like, India, Thailand, Malaysia and China. The results of many supported projects are published in scientific journals and presented at international symposiums, conferences, etc. in order to create awareness on special consumption areas.


For colemanite consumption in agriculture, major limitation was the belief that colemanite is insoluble in water. This belief prevented its acceptance as source of boron. During our own technical studies, we had already found out that colemanite although its insoluble in water, had sufficient solubility in soil water and could provide calcium as well as boron. Based on our own laboratory evaluation, scientists of several universities are convinced to take up sponsored project works. Many field trials have been taken and papers based on our sponsored work are presented in many Asian countries as well as in Turkey. Now there is a market established for colemanite use in agriculture as well as the studies made on the use of colemanite & Etibor-48 on the crops such as rapeseed, groundnut, rice, sugarcane and etc. in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and China.


In ceramic Industry, borates have been traditionally used for production of frits only. Concept of getting benefits of incorporating ceramic bodies and glazes required laboratory studies by scientists. We decided to evaluate benefits of using borates especially colemanite in ceramic bodies. Succesful results of the studies conducted by research institutes in India and Thailand, encouraged ceramic manufacturers to use borates in ceramic bodies and non-fritted glazes.


Results of our studies showed that Etibor-48 (borax pentahydrate) could be used in different types of soda lime silicate glasses, for example; sheet glass by float process, container glasses, crystal glasses and optical glasses. Borax pentahydrate could be used in borosilicate laboratory ware glasses.Trials with colemanite showed that there is much potential to use colemanite in float glasses colored/tinted flas glass varieties or container glasses.


Uses of borates as slag reformer to reduce pollution is known. Our aim was to establish use of colemanite in furnace as full or partial replacement of flourspar in furnace itself. Results of initial findings and preliminary report established slag formation and removal comparable to one obtained with flourspar and at the same time, deslphurization and dephosphorization are higher with the use of colemanite and fluoride concentration in ambient air is reduced with colemanite addition.