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History of Boron Mining in Turkey goes back to 1865. Boron reserves first started to operate by foreign companies during the Ottoman Empire.

After the War of Independence and the foundation of the Turkey Republic, Etibank (now Eti Mine Works General Management) was founded in 1935 as a state-owned company to develop the mineral resources of Turkey.

In mid 1950’s and early 1960’s the largest Colemanite and Tincal reserves were discovered.

The exploration and research activities were conducted by the private companies as well.

After 1950’s the boron reserves were started to be operated also by family companies. YAKAL BORASIT Ltd. which was a family company partnered by the shepherd who discovered the mineral ore was the first in that area. Including YAKAL BORASIT Ltd. Bortas - Yircali, Sayakci Mining, Rasih & Ihsan Co., Hayri Ogerman Comp were the companies pioneered the Boron Mining Activities and contributed a lot in Turkey’s Boron Mining Sector.

The rich boron reserves in the same area are still in operation. Bigadic and Emet area today are the biggest Colemanite formations in Turkey and product has a very good market in Europe and Asia.

After the passing of Law Number 2172 in 1978, which nationalized all boron mining operations, Etibank (Eti Mine Works) became the only company in Turkey to mine, process, market and sell borates. Under the current law, all boron minerals are the property of state and Eti Mine Works General Management has been given the right of operation.