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Borates, used in the manufacture of laundry cleaning products, household or industrial type cleaners and personal care products in different kind of ways. In these applications, borates provide services as; facilitating stain removal and bleaching, acting as enzymes stabilizers, providing alkaline buffering, water softening, giving surfactant effect and increasing the performance of the materials used. At the same time borates help controlling bacteria and fungi formation in personal care products.

At the recent studies various borates are added to increase the cleaning effect of the soaps, to reduce dirt adhesion to the surface again, and to obtain more bright and clean clothes. Borax decahydrate is added to soaps and detergents because of its water softening and germicide properties. Sodium perborate is added to powder detergents for washing machines as bleaching agent since it is an active oxygen source.

Due to not containing chemical additives (oil derivatives, phosphates, fillers etc.)and being a natural product boron based detergents are known to be environmentally friendly.

ETIMATIK is a new product developed by Eti Mine Works General Management. It is not a detergent but a cleansing agent.

Basic Properties
Natural Cleaning Product
Descaling effect
Softening effect
Effective in removing household and industrial stains
No pre-wash
Hygienic effect
Prevents color fading
Does not contain petroleum derivatives
Does not contain phosphates